City and territory, Engineering and architecture


SERVICES: Master Plan

YEAR: 2015


Feasibility study, proposal development and design of Master Plan for the implementation of commercial and administrative activities in two parcels recently acquired by the customer.

Ingenor develops the tasks of urban analysis, previous studies and market and conceptual development of various proposals for each of the plots so that the customer has all the information needed for decision-making guiding the scope of investment and constraining the inherent therein to have detailed studies of various options / performance risk scenario.

On the one hand ludic commercial complex is built on a performance area of over 30,000 m2 in one of the main arteries of the city of Merida under the concept of commercial Outlet with implantation of leading brands and companies linked to the sector supermarkets fashion and luxury goods.

On the other hand, the development of a new administrative city for local government with a performance area of over 250,000 m2 urbanized and 150,000 m2 of office buildings that allow the unification of the various government departments is designed.